I have just made our entry for the L&CPUPDI  KO. See www.lcpu.org for details of the competition.

In 2009 we won “Best Image”. It was Urban Directions by Steven Pepper.

The event takes place on Saturday 24th November at The Albany Science College, Chorley, 6.30 for 7pm.

An entry is  7 images, with one reserve in case of a tie. Images used in L&CPU competitions before are disallowed so it is easier to select from PDI 1 and 2 this year.  I am using a couple of images from the current competition – if they flop on Thursday I can revise the entry because it has been made online and revisions are possible.

If the number of clubs entering is large they will only use 5 or 6 of the images.

In a Knock Out we see all the images in a slide show first and then the judge “knocks out” about 50% of the images, commenting on the ones he rejects. We carry on like that until a small final round where a “best image” is selected. Scoring is then based on the number of rounds that your images survived for.

This is one of the four L&CPU competitions. They are all free to enter for L&CPU member clubs. They are an AV competition in February, a CLUB competition in March, an INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS COMP in May and the KO in November.

Our entry is 1. Minimal Defence by Darren Carter 2. Eating The Dirt by Ken Dickenson 3. In Her Shadow by Delores Williams 4. Juvenile Goshawk Drinking by Ian Wiston 5. Small Skipper on Cocksfoot by Paul Hill 6. Clockmaker by Wallace Baxter 7. Winters Glow by Peter Robinson and 8. Girl in Sarlat by John Royle.