Margaret Salisbury gave us a wonderful talk last night. She showed how her photography enabled her to capture memories, emotions, ever changing landscape moods, people and the surreal that she encountered on her travels.

It may seem, as we look at folios or hear a judge talk about our pictures, that we only care about the pictorial qualities. In competition conditions deeper qualities are not often apparent and it was refreshing to hear Margaret talk about them. It reminded us that photography records something of the stimuli which our most vivid sense (vision) responds to and as such is capable of triggering an immense range of responses.  You will find discussions of this and a myriad of examples of the way photographers work by following us on TWITTER (@crewephotosoc) and watching our FORUM

Thank you Margaret for a great evening.

Thank you too Delores for doing a wonderful job with the Christmas Cards. Delores had some of these on display last night and, honestly, they were as neatly done and beautifully presented as any I have ever seen. And the pictures! Thank you so much everyone who contributed an image or two,  you have helped to contribute to a great idea which is sure to be a success. They were being snapped up last night and you will soon be getting details of how you can order more.

Next week we go back to guilding the lily with our second print competition, judged by Dr Brian Law. Brian is also someone who appreciates the abilities which a photograph has to convey a wide range of ideas and promote every kind of response.