Crewe PS, together with nearly 100 other clubs in the North West, is a member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union. They support their clubs in numerous ways, one of which is to organise 4 major competitions each year. A selection of the most successful and representative work is circulated to member clubs each year. This week we looked at the first of these selections of prints. We use it as a chance to learn from them how to present our work. No matter what we photograph most of us want to make sure we present it in the best light.

After the break we had a short presentation by member Stephen Coyne. Stephen is a much travelled photographer and when he offered the title “What I did on my holidays” some of us assumed he would have some new travel venture to talk about. Instead we were treated to a charming little item about how he pursued a project suggested in a magazine. It was a breath of fresh air and something to interest everyone, especially perhaps our newcomers.

Our picture of the week is by Peter Bainbridge and is of a DeHavilland Comet Racer. Peter is expert is an expert at getting this crisp, sharp shots of plans in flight and he even manages, very often, to show the pilot clearly. Peter gave us a talk a while back in which he said something we will always remember. “I like to show (with my photos) how I feel about the subject” – not a bad maxim!