The meeting this week was split, with a number of members going over to Alsager CC for our inter-club competition with them. Other members  came to the library as usual for a session designed to help newcomers.

At Alsager we won the competition and the overall scores were  reported in the last news item and are now available in full..

At Crewe we covered the following things; calibrating your monitor, getting paper profiles for your  printer, tips on choosing viewpoint and camera angles, how to choose shutter speeds, how aperture settings affect depth of field, composition opportunities and picture quality,  hyperfocal distance, how to select a detailed subject.

On 22nd November we have another Open Evening and we may be able to use the Library’s Wi-Fi to access our website – Ian will then be able to go through how to upload an image into the Forum and have it appear as part of the text. Otherwise we will continue with various aspect of exposure; reading histograms and what ETTR means, and how we can improve our images by shooting RAW and making some basic adjustments to levels and dodging and burning.

Next week Tremaine Cornish will visit us for a talk/demonstration about some of the more advanced ways of adjusting you images in Photoshop.