Tremaine’s talk tonight was interesting in that it gave us some insights into the way he worked. If you want us to go over anything again we can do so on the next Open Evening. We now know how award winning images are made and we can all do it!!

Don’t forget the various events mentioned on the L&CPU Website.

We had the images on show tonight from which we will choose the entries for the L&CPU KO. Only 8 images are needed and some of them may not be used because they limit the number if there are a lot of clubs entering.

The PDI entries for the competition next week are now with the judge, Bob Dennis. Bob is the Judges and Lecturers Officer for the L&CPU and an old friend of the club. He also organises the Bebington Salon of Photography. This is one of the 19 BPE competitions and Crewe PS is one of the venues where it is shown each year. For this reason we do encourage people to enter -and  it is a good intro to National Competitions.

The details are available here. This link is the Bebington PS which doesn’t run the competition but is Bob’s home club. You can prepare your entry on CD and get it ready for posting and then give it to Bob next Thursday. Do think about entering, many of you have image that might get accepted and it is good to see plenty of our stuff on the night of the showing in February/March.