Thanks to Dianne Owen FRPS and Gordon Jenkins APAGB we had a great meeting last week; looking at judging. Members were keen to contribute their ideas and opinions which added a great deal to it all. The only sad thing is that Gordon has announced that he is retiring next year. The L&CPU will be losing someone who has made an enormous contribution to its success over decades, he also always emphasises that we are all engaged in photography for FUN and we heartily subscribe to that view!

This week we have our first PDI Competition. There are 73 entries and we will be having a monochrome section for the first time – it is a well subscribed section too. Good to see that three new members have made entries. At our club we take pride in respecting everyone’s work, which is why newcomers are happy to take the plunge straight away. Good luck to you all!

The first inter-club competitions are just round the corner, with the Robertshaw Trophy entries being required by the end of the week and Chester PS Inter-Club Print Competition entry soon after that.

There are plenty of events to interest members; Christopher Steele-Perkins is at Chester PS on Tuesday night, the PDI Championships are not too far off, The Open Eye Gallery showing of Tim Hetherington’s work is something to note and there are several other Club Exhibitions on (see EVENTS page). Many of us are disappointed that there is no showing of the RPS International PDI Competition at Chester Zoo this year. However, two of our members entered the competition and we will have it available to show at the club later in the year.

Members are being asked the get ready to contribute to our Open Evening on 31st October; they can show their processing skills on a photograph, present images for discussion or present a sequence of image which illustrate an event or tell a story. Should be good!