Andrew Charlesworth used the X-Rite on the club’s projector last night and I was surprised how it lowered the output and with it any possible criticism of the image being over-bright. Mono workers in particular will be pleased with the tonal rendition. We’ll see what you all think on the first evening back.

Many thanks to Andrew and Nantwich CC for doing that for us. Andrew promised a follow up in situ if we feel it necessary.

In case you have not seen it – the top scoring PDIs from the L&CPU Annual Individuals’ Competition are on the front page of the L&CPU website

I am putting a short account of the 5-Towns on the L&CPU website and thought we should have a recordĀ  here too. Alsager CC are now a force to be reckoned with! The “Best Print” award went to Jon Blackburn of Alsager CC for “Merciless Sea”, featured below. Jon was also author of the striking image of the sheep standing on the rock. It got a better reception from us than the sheep, who attempted to butt him afterwards! Darrell Oakden received the award for Best Image on Jon’s behalf and also the big shiny cup for Alsager CC from Judge Diana Magor. We will have to up our game – we are more than good enough on Nature but general subjects need attention. Perhaps our Nature people could “do a Salgado” next year!Alsager-CC-5-Towns