The two night’s of competitions at North Cheshire (12 & 13 February) are something we look forward to very much and this year we had considerable success too.

Severe gales made travelling to the fist night (PRINTS) rather hazardous and it took us 2 hours to cover the 28 miles to Poynton. We made it just in time but others were late and 2 clubs failed to turn up at all! One of the absentees was the judge, Mike MacNamee and it had already been decided that North Cheshire’s Graham Johnston would do the judging, which meant that North Cheshire had to withdraw.

We came fourth, equal with Southport – a great performance.  To be honest the two clubs who did not make it to the event and North Cheshire who withdrew may well have done better than us (In NCPS case, certainly) but it is still a great performance.

Tension – Wallace Baxter – 16  ;  Music Lover – Peter Robinson – 18  ;  Roosting Common Blue Butterfly – Paul Hill – 19 ;  Flower – John Royle – 19  ;  Steam Punk – Martin McGing – 17

Total 88; Clubs above us Wigan 10 (1) 94, Chorley PS (2=) 93, Chapel CC (2=) 93, Southport (4=) 88

At the second night, this time a PDI KO we faced a very strong field and yet came THIRD!

Our pictures were: Lion Club at Play by Ian Whiston, which stayed in until the end – 5 marks. Priest’s Cove by Paul Hill 3 Rounds. Knot Roost by Wallace Baxter – 2 Rounds, also Spiv by Dolores Williams 2 Rounds. Alone by John Royle only 1 Round.

Here are the full club scores.