Alan’s funeral is on Monday 14th April; 2.0pm at the Crematorium for family and close friends and a Memorial Service at St. John’s methodist Church, Shavington at 3.00 pm followed by refreshments at Hunter’s Lodge Crewe.  Bill Bailey will be able to confirm these arrangements at Thursday’s Meeting.

Bill has also written a note about Alan’s times at Crewe PS:

“Aan Goodin was a biology teacher and later Head of Sciences at Nantwich and Acton Grammar School – now known as Malbank School and Sixth Form College.   As a biologist he specialised in photography in all aspects of Nature Photography – birds, flowers and wild animals – always photographed where possible in their home environment.  He was interested in photography from an early age and had been a member of the Crewe Photographic Society for at least fifty years and had been its President for over 25 years.    He served on our Committee and his experience and wisdom contributed enormously in helping us to run our affairs.   He regularly welcomed new members to our meetings and was always ready to discuss photography and give advice to our lesser experienced members.

“As a photographer he had a good eye for composition and he would spend many hours in hides just to photograph wild animals and birds in their home surroundings and he was often seen on his knees getting his many close-up photographs of wild flowers or smaller wildlife.    He felt that the art of taking good photographs began with the actual moment when the photograph was taken and he believed that a good photograph should seldom need to be manipulated later before presentation.  Much of his photography was undertaken with slides and during the 1980s, 1990s and the early 21st Century and he often achieved high marks in many of the Society’s competitions.   His name appears on many of the Society’s silverware.

His hobby of photography took him and his wife Mona to numerous places in the world – from his beloved Scotland, to many parts of the Continent and to faraway places such as Singapore, New Zealand,  Australia and  East Africa.  For many years they were keen caravanners, and were often accompanied by friends with similar hobbies.  His love of photography also led him to become a member of other Societies such as the South Cheshire Ornithological Society, RSPB and a national Nature Photography Group who meet together once or twice a year and circulated slides and digital images  between members of the Group on a monthly basis.

Together with CPS member Patrick Whalley Alan was a founder member of SECOS.