The results of the November PAGB assessment have just been published in the PAGB eNews 128. The full eNews is downloadable here, but it is over 3Mb, so I’ve extracted the two results pages here if you are only interested in that (300k).

Notable among the results is Jane Lines having gained an MPAGB and also Roger Parry too who, together with his wife Judith, will be coming to speak to us in two weeks time.

If you are interested in the PAGB awards you can start with CPAGB which requires 10 prints or PDIs. The standard for CPAGB is “good club photography” and for us that means getting in the top few in our competitions. It can take up to a year to get a booking for assessment which take place in April and November each year. More detailed information is available on the PAGB website.

The higher levels of DPAGB and MPAGB require more images to be submitted and, obviously, a progressively higher standard, so congratulations to Jane and Roger for achieving what is the highest standard in club photography.

A few of our club members have these awards (C and D) and will be pleased to help anyone interested. The L&CPU also do a mentoring scheme and, this year, the PAGB are offering trial assessments before the extraordinary December assessment (used as a “catch-up” to deal with the great interest in these awards).