Acrobatics-ascentwebA shot of the photographer’s enclosure at an airshow, bristling with telephoto lenses, showed that member Peter Bainbridge was certainly not alone in wanting to photograph aircraft. Peter’s talk was bristling too, with interesting facts, techniques and super shots. He got us so fascinated with all this that we almost over-ran.

This was far from a plane spotter’s gallery, there was much to fascinate everyone; the plane that lands sideways, the one that changes into a helicopter, the one so powerful it could rocket straight up into the air, the Brazilian spy plane, the colourful acrobatic teams, Peter described them so engagingly and illustrated them so well. But there was more. Peter revealed the secret during his talk. He said that, in photographing planes, he tried to make his pictures show the way they made him feel. That, folks, is why his pictures are so good and it was something to carry away, no matter what you shoot.

Thanks Peter for a really great evening.