Garden Display by John Royle. colour section winner

Les Hitchcock ARPS was our judge for the evening and he made a first rate job of it. His approach was lively and supportive – which was particularly brave of him in the circumstances – he had had a fall in the car park and yet had the professional spirit to continue, not just unheeding but with a warm enthusiam..

His assessments were fair and he showed appreciation of s wide range of types of photography. It was particularly refreshing to hear a judge display some knowledge of natural history too.

It all made for s very enjoyable evening and I am sure Les will be paying us a return visit soon.

Good to have a chance to show one of my own images for a change; Garden Display was the winner in the colour (General) section.  The picture had been carefully crafted with a lot of attention to colour and the symmetry and the regularity of the brickwork. I remember toning down the white marks on pot on the left of the bottom row which was attracting the attention at bit too much. Can you spot the “mistake” I had to leave in?

It was a great selection of pictures, displaying the members wide range of interests and high level of skill. The results are here.