Roger Evans FBPE EFIAP DPAGB is a very determined man. It shows in the variety of sports he has photographed (everything from synchronised swimming to weight-lifting), the number of events he covers (about one each week) and the way he overcomes any difficulty.

Roger’s talk conveyed that determination very clearly as he took us through his sports photography career, from a “stringer” in the 1980s to his work at the Commonwealth Games.

He quickly learned the need for detailed preparation – and patience (he recounted spending 7 hours at one jump at some recent horse trials).

Tips? Well there was one in every sentence but so too was the evidence of a great knowledge of the sportsmen and women he was photographing. He uses the best equipment; Canon 5DIII, 300mm f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 mainly, but it is the way they are used that really counts and we heard many little details which told you that here was a man who knew exactly what he was doing, left little to chance and thoroughly deserved the remarkable success that he has enjoyed over the years, culminating in his FBPE (700 acceptances, 50 awards from 25 different pictures) in the last few months.

Having just heard Wallace’s talk about photographing gymnastics we had a special empathy with Rogers account of covering the same sport and Wallace was kind enough to provide the vote of thanks at the end.

Roger is a member of Chester PS and well known to our member Ian Whiston. I first had a chance to talk to Roger at Keele last year and he never mentioned sports photography, what he did talk about was how, during his early career in London, he often requested viewing particular works of the past masters of photography from the V&A collection. I like to think that this informed his particular style.

A truly remarkable evening.