We are now a couple of meetings into the new season and have an exhibition mounted in Crewe Library, so a good time to take stock.

Self-help and the society of other enthusiasts are probably the most valuable features of any club and that has been underlined in the last two weeks when we have looked together at some of the best club prints from the region and heard three talks from members about their recent work.

The discussions which arose have been an invaluable help to us all. Our faith in the internet as a source of information is justifiable but, as a member commented last year, “I just learned more in five minutes about [subject] from [another member] than I have in years”.

We hope you will take a look at our exhibition. It shows the variety of work our members undertake – that bit is always up to you, of course – but if you feel inspired to find out more just come to a meeting!

Remember that printing is a special thing that we don’t all do – many are happy with electronic images, the things that everyone knows from social media etc, but we want to do it all that little bit better.