Margaret & John Sixsmith gave us a great presentation last night. I do urge the younger members especially to go for the distinctions they were talking about (FIAP, PSA and BPE) if you are interested in competitions. In any event the Sixsmith’s pictures were great and the background stories of how each one had been successful (or not) was very interesting.

There is a guide to distinctions on the L&CPU website.

Our grateful thanks to Delores Williams for organising the manufacture and sales of the Christmas Cards. Thanks also to the members who contributed images. The most popular one we’ll feature as the next Image of the Week. The project made £71 and Delores has an idea for how the club should spend the money – I’m sure the Committee will give great weight to what she is suggesting – more later.

The present picture of the week is Christina’s image of a lion cub – looking noble against the background of an approaching storm. Chosen not just because it is a lovely image – I’m sorry to say that Christina has moved away so we will no longer have the pleasure of her company, talks, and wildlife pictures with a fresh twist. We wish her well in her new home.

Finally, we have an event before the next meeting; the battle with Whitchurch PS and Mid-Cheshire CC next Tuesday (15th January). It is at Whitchurch and I have posted [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=95 linktext=’their maps and directions here’/] if you would like to go. Be there for 7.30.