A safe pair of hands is a cricketing term used to describe a reliable and talented fielder and it came to mind when I  was thinking of a way of introducing Darrell Oakden, our judge for this competition. Darrell has had a lot of success with his own work in nationals and internationals and has fairly rocketed into the upper echelons of those distinctions which are so revered by club photographers; DPAGB, AFIAP and BPE3*. But he shows an appreciation of all types of photography and not just his own genre. He is very good at articulating what it is about a photograph which make it attractive to us and he can pick out those things which might benefit from a bit more attention. All this is delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner. There are never any “What does he see in that!” moments  either (not that that happens very often at Crewe!).

Of course the material he had was good too; a fair exhibition of the quality and range of our work. Altogether a very enjoyable evening. It was good to see the large number of members who distinguished themselves and especially one member entering for the first time and another getting his feet under the table with a win in one section.