On Thursday it is, of course,  our first PRINT LEAGUE COMPETITION and we have a good entry with about 20 in each of the three sections; Colour General, Colour Nature and Mono.

I have just had the first entry for the next PDI COMPETITION. The hand-in is not until 1st November, so don’t panic! But do remember that this competition has a THIRD section, our special topic of MOVEMENT. Everything else is the same; 3 images, 1400x1050px, sRGB, named as – 01_Title_T_33 etc (where T means special topic – use G for General and N for Nature as usual).

Remember that you can only enter an image in PDIs or PRINTS, not both.

Henri Cartier-Bresson and Composition is the title of a talk which Ian McNab is going to give to us on October 25th. This is an addition to the Programme (do keep checking it!). Many of us regard Cartier-Bresson as THE pastmaster at capturing great images and their appeal is all in the moment and the composition (with a dash of the surreal at times) – something that we all want to emulate. It should be a very interesting session.

On 1st November we battle with Alsager CC but we will also be offering an OPEN EVENING at Crewe. We will cover things especially interesting to newcomers so they will not want to miss this.