The new issue of Black & White Photography magazine arrived this morning and their regular contributor, Tim Clinch, had something to say about camera club websites. It wasn’t complimentary. “Almost without exception”, said Tim “every website (he looked at) had far too much stuff on it. Great clunky wheezing sites, impossible to navigate and infuriating to use, with everything bar the kitchen sink chucked in. And, more often than not hundreds of pictures.”. He goes on the say that they also often lack a simple “contact us” button too.

Now Tim’s approach accords with our own. Our webmaster, Ian McNab, has always aimed to keep things simple and elegant. Tim clinch refers to KISS, an acronym for ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ as a guiding principle.

Naturally, I wanted to know what Tim thought of our site. I follow him on Twitter, so it was a simple job to ask. His reply came in a few minutes….

Just took a look. Clean, concise, easy to use AND a ‘contact button’ that works! 10 out of 10. I salute you Sir!