I was taking a walk early one sunny morning when I came across a recently deceased mole on the path before me. As it was in perfect condition the temptation of a photo opportunity became irresistible and I was soon on my knees arranging the subject. With due reverence I placed it as if emerging from one of its hills, beneath which was later to become its final resting place. Normally a mammal’s eyes would give the game away but the mole’s eyes are just one millimetre in size and are only capable of distinguishing between light and dark, all its knowledge of its surrounding world comes from its extraordinarily sensitive whiskers.

Despite being in full sunshine I later converted the shot into a night flash image and resisted the impulse to add a pair of dark glasses. However, I did feel some guilt at not having spent a cold lengthy night of vigil but feel better that I have now confessed. Despite the  ‘Nature’ rules (subject must be alive – Ed)  there are times when deception can become just too tempting.

So if any club members have any dubious images of the creatures of Loch Ness or a Himalayan ape, the nature rules do not apply to open subject competitions. But you will need to do better than a mole in a hole.

by Martin Smith