Crewe PS is 65 this year – in November to be exact and we have added an extra meeting on Thursday 20th which will be a combined Christmas party and 65th birthday celebration.

Do keep an eye on the programme page for updates like this. As with much of what is on the site it is here to be constantly referred to if you are not in a position to dig out the paperwork (it might even save on some of the paperwork).

Speaking of paperwork; I’m afraid there is a small error on the COMPETITION RULES. Last year we said 40x50cm was to be the ONLY size for prints. This was omitted when the rules were revised for 2012-13 and it now says UP TO 40x50cm again.

We can live with this but BE WARNED the L&CPU rule is now “40×50 ONLY” so, if you do give us something smaller you will NOT be able to use it for the L&CPU Competitions.

For newcomers we were always prepared to accept smaller prints because we know the mounting of prints is something you need to get into.