Yellow-Billed-Oxpecker_Ian-Whiston-smWe are fortunate at Crewe PS to have in our midst one of the most successful and experienced safari photographers in the UK; Ian Whiston DPAGB BPE 3*. This week he gave us a talk that took us through some of the major parks. We are familiar with the names from innumerable wildlife spectaculars on the television but, believe me, those programmes don’t take you there, Ian’s talk did. Members will be amazed to know that Ian showed us 660 pictures, so quickly did the time pass and so engaging was the talk.

Although Ian has been a club member (at Mid-Cheshire CC) for many many years it is only relatively recently that he has become interested in gaining distinctions and national and international honours in competitions. He quickly gained his DPAGB, then started amassing points and awards in BPE accredited exhibitions and he is now enjoying much success  internationally and is placed to apply for AFIAP. Members interested in gaining these awards can get, as a club member, plenty of advice from Ian and others in the club.

Well done Ian. I can thoroughly recommend his talk to any other club members reading this. His details are in the Directory.

Is it pretentious to compare Ian’s talk to a multi-million pound television production? Well, they are different but often the TV concentrates on the sensational and/or specific and you miss the overall view – Ian really made us feel as if we were there, without the inconvenience of mosquitoes and tsetse flies!

The picture is Ian’s pieta, the Yellow Billed Oxpecker. This was his first image at Crewe that really made you think we had someone very special among us! The picture has appeared before, of course, but I make no excuse for including it again. The out-of-date credits on it are testimony to how rapidly Ian has ascended the distinctions ladder!