We have often had Tillman Kleinhans visit us to judge our competitions. His popularity stems from the entertaining way he talks about the work and our confidence in his judgement. This week Tillman was with us as a lecturer to tell the fascinating story of his adventures in digital photography starting from his school purchasing one of the first digital cameras and ending with his latest AV production.


He never mentioned how he gained his ARPS, his DPAGB or his EFIAP and I noticed that perhaps his best known image Hands (which has appeared, among other places, on the cover of RPS literature) was put aside and not shown or mentioned as he paced things to finish on time.


A thoroughly enjoyable evening and it seems weird now how we can feel nostalgic about the early days of digital – and how long ago it was!


Great British Cup


The entries have been made now for this, perhaps the World’s biggest club photography competition. We can perhaps have a gallery added to the site when the results are known.


Bailey on the Radio


Whilst you can read about the pitfalls of portraiture here.You may learn more by listening to the excellent R4 programme featuring David Bailey. You can listen to episode one (of two) here  episode 2 is on 21 January but that will be available on iPlayer too.


There are plenty of exhibitions for you to visit: Geoff Davies Moments started on Thursday and the PAGB Print Exhibition continues. Soon we will have Nantwich CC’s exhibition and one featuring Brian Law’s work at the Marburae Gallery in Macclesfield starts in February. You can keep up with club events by looking at the L&CPU website: www.lcpu.org.uk