As usual, we have entered the PAGB Great British Cup. This year the NATURE entries are members choices ONLY – next year we will do the same for the OPEN section.

The closing date has been put back to 24th January, but the important dates for us are 8th and 9th February when the judging takes place. The Nature (8th) is judged by Edmund Fellows MPAGB ARPS, Mike Lane FRPS and Gabriel O’Shaughnessy MFIAP FIPF FRPS EFIAP/b and the Open (9th) by Dave Butler ARPS MFIAP, Gwen Charnock FRPS MFIAP and Gabriel O’Shaughnessy MFIAP FIPF FRPS EFIAP/b.

The results are usually available very quickly afterwards and will be online at

Great British Cup – [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=155 linktext=’ENTRY’ /]

Also on 8 and 9 February we have the L&CPU Club Annual. At the time of writing we have not entered. For the PDI entry I want to take tonight’s PDI 3 2014 results into account.

Members can enter their own choices in the L&CPU Individuals’ Annual Competition in April.