What a delightful evening David Bibby presented us with in his “Back to Basics”. For nearly two hours he took us through his “Alphabet” of pictures and discussed all manner of things along the way which were of help to anyone, from beginner to expert. What he really conveyed was his sense of fun in taking pictures and the joy he found in portraying the things that he liked. Members will have often felt “I could have taken that one!” and that was the key to the effective way David was communicating with us. A great evening. Members want him back again, and as a judge too!

On the Forum this week members have drawn attention to two national competitions which I am sure you would all like to see. Firstly we had the Landscape Photographer of the Year results and then the Taylor-Wessing Portrait prize. The Taylor Wessing has an enormous entry and few are selected, so two curators had the idea of creating another exhibition from the “nearly theres” it is called the Portrait Salon and will be at the Oriel Gallery in Colwyn Bay in the new year.

Important News for Fuji X Camera Users – see the new item under Downloads on  Capture Sharpening. by Ian McNab

The Fujifilm X-Trans cameras are growing in popularity thanks not just to their portability and traditional feel but to their image quality. That image quality is achieved in part by omitting the usual anti-aliasing filter in front of the sensor. To permit this Fuji broke the usual pattern in the sensitivity of the pixels in the sensor, a clever idea which also created a headache for raw converter programs. Adobe’s Lightroom and Camera Raw (Photoshop’s raw converter) are yet to lick the problem but our webmaster, Ian McNab has found an approach to sharpening Fuji files with these programs which presents a real step forward, especially at low ISO levels.

Have fun!