Portrait Nights are a chance for members to get a taste of studio work with a typical studio lighting set-up (sometimes two) supplied by members Ian Whiston and Sharon & Dave Barton. A good number of members had their cameras and took advantage of the opportunity. Sharon herself acted as our model and Ian gave us a few introductory words before the work began.

Deseterd Villa-9941

Ian starts the evening with a few pointers, whilst our model contemplates life on the other side of the lens!

Often pictures taken on portrait evening don’t turn up in subsequent competitions. This is not because the work isn’t good enough but the fear that others will use shots of the same model too. There was some constructive work taking place last night so perhaps things will be different this time!

We have made an entry in the L&CPU PDI KO (25th November) and learned that we had come second to Nantwich CC in the mono section of the Chester Inter-Club competition on 4 November.

Next week we have Dave Bibby, one of the L&CPU’s most experienced speakers to talk of “Back to Basics”. More and more we are realising that getting things right in the first place is the key to successful photographs. Relying on Photoshop to recover poor groundwork is a hopeless task. Perhaps Dave will put us right.