We are honoured to be one of the clubs where Bob Dennis shows the selected images from the Bebington Salon. Every year we look forward to his presentation as a first hand view into what is being accepted into competitions at a national level, this being one of the 20-or-so BPE competitions. He does a great job of the presentation, some announced, some in an AV set to music. Bob uses his vast knowledge of the club scene and its protagonists to personalise it all a bit. Excellent stuff, long may he continue to do this and we will always be delighted to host a showing.

Many of the images we saw were very impressive; great moments of nature skilfully captured, wonderful vistas spread before us, athletes straining every sinew, jet skis doing alarming things and composites which displayed the great creative skill of the authors. The only disappointment for me was that so many works were clearly overdone in processing. We are always advising members that it is easy to go overboard with the software Рif you can notice an effect you are applying, back off, keep real, that way you will enhance your work.

We were delighted to see Ian Whiston collect two awards for his entries and we were told that Ian would be a judge next year for the competition. They would all be wise to take Ian’s¬†photographic processing as a standard to emulate; his work has capture that arrests you, composition which delights you but also, the case in point, it is as utterly truthful as any photo can be.