Niall has a growing reputation now and it is in no small part due to this project which started as little more than an afternoon’s entertainment and has now gained international recognition. He simply went out with a vague idea of taking portraits of people he met on his walk one Sunday afternoon. Quite quickly it developed into tripping round the country taking portraits of people he met, people who interested him because of their dress and/or personality, a record of the British people in the second decade of the 21st century. That would be interesting enough but Niall’s wonderful sense of colour harmony, his special style, make these photographs totally captivating and far, far more than a mere record.

Niall has used a medium format film camera. Use of film contributes to the beautifully detailed yet smooth appearance of these pictures; there is no unpleasant “edginess” to the image rendition, There is also a uniform “look” too, which gives a group feel. The medium format contributes  in giving a more limited depth of field, blurring the background and helping to subdue it, so it is a scene setter, a backdrop, and not a distraction.

I hope you can manage to get to the exhibition. We are told it will be touring, but when and where is not known and it may never be nearer than Colwyn. The gallery is upstairs at the Theatre in Abegele Road and though it says it is open every day it is a good idea to ring to check because the gallery sometimes runs courses and is closed for viewing. Cambrian Photography, a real camera shop, is just down the road and you can eat at Isaac Simeon’s very cheaply!

You can read a bit more about Niall and this project HERE and on Niall’s Website.On until 14 October 2016

Oriel Colwyn, Upstairs at Theatr Colwyn, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, North Wales. LL29 7RU Tel: 01492 577888 Gallery website.

Niall Oriel Sept 2016web