Google will now allow you to search for places where your images appear on the Web.

Go to to find out more.

A couple of weeks back I talked about copyright. I said that you can easily add a copyright note to your image by writing in the FILE INFO in your image processing software. You can also REDUCE IMAGE SIZE to the SMALLEST SUITABLE FOR THE PURPOSE – 650px max is fine for the Web.

You can then ADJUST THE COMPRESSION that will be applied when you save it as a jpeg. The SAVE FOR WEB button allows this in Photoshop and you can SEE what effect the compression will have and apply the MAXIMUM conducive with the picture looking OK.

Finally you can overlay the picture with a label “(c) Sam Plank”. (Remember that this could be cloned out so don’t put it in clear blue sky)

DON’T DO THESE THINGS (except adding the copyright notice) if you are submitting the image for a club competition – the image there needs to be 1400×1050 and high quality (though a little compression will not be noticeable).