The Results of the Robertshaw and the final PDI 1 2013 are now posted

This week we will be talking about mounting photographs and we will make reference to Cotswold Mounts , Bailey Arts (Dagfields)  , and  Alexanders (Dagfields) for mounting material or ready cut mounts. If you want to cut your own mounts Logan equipment is of the quality you need – nearest supplier is Hobbycraft. Probably the best complete kit is the Longridge , which Tom Uses.

There are no less than 3 guides in the Resources section of this website by me, Tom and Simon. Simon makes reference to a piece of software (Matworks! ) which will help you to calculate where to draw the guide lines for cutting.

These guides were written a little while ago and I no longer use the Spraymount adhesive – it is expensive and there are safety issues with it (I always used it outside!). Double sided tape is good enough and Ken Last uses PVA adhesive which is safe. The other issue is mount colour – always use something light and neutral. Coloured mounts are out of fashion and very dark ones have limited use.