We were delighted last night with success in the annual inter-club competition for the Robertshaw Trophy in the face of strong competition from our friends from Leek, Holmes Chapel, Blythe Bridge and Macclesfield. The competition treated us all to a varied display of engaging images, many of great originality. The final scores were: Crewe 171, Leek 169, Holmes Chapel 166, Blythe Bridge 155 and Macclesfield 152.

We were doubly delighted to get the two top scores of the night: a 20 for Darren Carter’s “Minimal Defence” and another for Ian Whiston’s “Yellow Billed Oxpecker”. Warm congratulations to Darren and Ian!

Our judge Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP DPAGB was impressive as always, giving time and careful attention to all the images before the competition, and so speaking about them in detail and with informed consideration on the night. Our thanks to Tillman for his thorough and sensitive judgements, delivered with warmth and wit.

Thanks, too, to our fellow competitors, whose images were, as ever, impressive, and made for a close-fought and an enjoyable competition. We look forward to another challenging event next year!

Next week (11 October) we’ll hold a brief Extraordinary General Meeting about membership charges for Junior Members, and then enjoy a varied meeting, including a look at the L&CPU Print Folio, an illustrated talk by Wallace Baxter about his visit to The Galapagos Islands, a short session about mounting prints, and a post mortem on PDI 1 2013. Looks like being an entertaining night!