Tutbury 2013Sunday 27th October – A Photographer’s Day at Tutbury Castle with a good number of “re-enactors” in various costumes was just too great a temptation for 10 of us and, hoping that the forecast severe gales really were going to be “later on Sunday,” we drove the 40 miles to join what turned out to be about 150 fellow snappers assembled at the castle gates for the start at 11am. On the dot we were set free into the castle grounds like fans at a rock concert seeking the best view. In fact a few scenarios were set up during the day and you would be very unlucky not to get a few decent shots.  It was good to get a chance to photograph these people without all the other distractions of a day at Crich or somewhere. I wonder how many of the shots we will see in club competitions?

This week’s meeting is a Members Evening where we will see each other’s work and it would be good to have one or two sequences from this trip!

In the picture the organiser of the event gets friendly with Meg.

There are other places you can use your pictures; perhaps they will fit into the PRIZE COMPETITION when the November topic is announced. Perhaps in the Maurice Ashwin Trophy or just as memories of a good day out!