The thoughtful still life by Sandbach member Stephen Cooke which won the prints section of the competition.

It is just coincidence that our last two judges have been highly successful SPORTS photographers. It is with some trepidation that we submitted our sports work to the expert gaze but, it fared quite well.

It is the first time we have asked Roger to judge (he has not been on the list for very long) and we were impressed with the surefire way he dealt with the photographs; comments were confident and always made good sense. He was anxious for the members to come and look at a few selected image to see the details he had referred to in them. Altogether a super job and helping greatly in making a successful evening.

Crewe took the lead in both prints and PDIs but Sandbach acquitted themselves extremely well, showing us some interesting work and a nearly 100% turn-out!

The final scores were: PDIs Crewe 262, Sandbach 246. Prints Crewe 267 Sandbach 243. Overall Crewe 529 Sandbach 489. The individual scores are here.