Gordon Jenkins receives one of the many awards won by Chorley PS at the Club Annuals from Russell Lindsey.

The L&CPU Club Annuals took place at Lowton School this year, over the weekend of the 4/5th March. The Judges were the Lindseys (Barbie and Russell) and Bill Hall.

The whole event was very well organised, particularly thanks to Adrian Lines’s computer software (which even reads out the titles) but largely because of the hard work members of the L&CPU Exec and their assistants put into the management of the competitions.

It is a pity that so few of you see this event, you would realise just what we are up against in terms of work from other clubs and how the work is actually marked. I timed the judging over a period and it took on average only 3 seconds for the first judge to register their mark. So there would be no time, for example, to admire the way that Koudelka confidently disposes geometrical shapes in his work  or even to comprehend anything but an image which had absolutely obvious content. The immaculate and the meretricious are the winners here.

Still, I love the people and don’t even mind looking at the work; which only occasionally possesses true wit or emotional power but often display a clever capture or superb technical quality.

We did well; 11th in the PDIs out of over 40 clubs and about 900 images and 10th in the prints out of 29 clubs and 635 prints.

If you look in detail at the marks you will find how fickle the whole business can be. For example, Wallace’s “Splits on the Beam”, bronze medal winner in the Bebington got 10 (though it was here as a print, not a PDI) and Ian’s very successful “Lionesses Sparring” also got 10, the same as my “Parasol” which was there as a space filler (you have to have 5 nature authors and we struggle to achieve that with current work. These marks are out of 15.

So, why do we do it? Well, it keeps us in the frame, keeps us known in the region so judges and speakers are even happier to come to us, it keeps us on our toes if success with club photography means anything to you and it gives me a chance to fraternise with all my mates!

Our individual results are posted in Downloads>Results, the club positions are on the L&CPU website.

The photo features: (L to R) At desk Bob Robinson (Comp Sec, obscuring Adrian Lines (General Sec)), Bill Hall, Barbie Lindsey, Gordon Jenkins (Treasurer LCPU and Chorley PS), Russell Lindsey, Garth Tighe (LCPU President) and Henry Mullarkey (Past President). Ian Alcroft is taking a picture (with an immense armoury of flashguns and an XT1).