Tillman C-M-W Battle 2014 Ken Hewitt

Crewe v MCCC and Whitchurch PS : On 5th February at Mid-Cheshire’s clubroom in Winsford we were entertained by one of the most engaging judges on the circuit; Tillman Kleinhans, and some superb work by all three clubs. We were very lucky indeed to come out on top after Whitchurch had a convincing lead on the prints round. We pulled back up with the PDIs though, where all our work had strong scores, albeit without any 20s. Still, it was enough.

It is always interesting to see the work from the other clubs and enjoy their company.

The full results now available HERE. The portrait of Tillman shown above was taken by Ken Hewitt. Thanks Ken for allowing us to use it. Ken is a retired press photographer and cannot understand why we usually don’t bother recording these events and don’t always have our cameras with us. He’s right to be puzzled!

The final score was Crewe 350, MCCC 337 and Whitchurch 348.

Thanks MCCC for their hospitality.