There is just one week left to get to see a really important exhibition. It is in Bolton, but worth the trip tenfold. It is Geoffrey Davies’s Moments

I managed to get there today. My expectations were very high indeed after watching a video made by Lancashire Monochrome about Geoff and his work.

It was everything I had hoped for and more.

Geoff’s photographs are testament to his lifelong dedication to documenting what he sees and what he cares about, they are not made to impress but communicate at a very deep level, sometimes with a great eloquence, often moving and involving, and sometimes many layered and beautiful. They are also printed as they were taken, with a master’s touch.

There is a message for us here, the same one as was there in the Michael Kenna exhibition a few weeks back. It is that the best we can do is to find our own vision and expression in photography and be true to it. Copying is fine in learning but an empty path if it is slavish. I think it is vital to enjoy what you do in this hobby and not to worry at all how we “measure up” in competitions, which are a good way of displaying work and learning but your own satisfaction in what you create is far more important.

If you can’t go to the exhibition – watch the video Enjoy!