thK7Z4OZSQDianne Owen FRPS is one of the North West’s best creative photo artists. She is also a founder member of the SRGB Group, a new L&CPU club which organises an national print exhibition – a brave thing in the world of burgeoning projection competitions!

She is astonishingly inventive with her creations, and prolific too. I had only seen 2 of the prints we were shown “in the flesh” before.

She showed us how a simple observation, virtually a snapshot, was often the starting point of a work and with her consummate Photoshop skills; using textures, overlays and her self-designed “brushes” she turns these mundane things into swirling, intricate or fascinating creations. Dead flowers, dried flowers, suspended flowers, tea-pots, people photographed at innumerable events, are all grist to the mill.

Dianne was very generous in handing round the prints (on Permajet papers, Permajet now sponsor her) and we could admire the detail and textural qualities of them at close hand.

Even if you are not about to create your own photo-art there was much advice that might well apply to any photographic work; including concentrating on mastering a very few pieces of software rather than thinking a vast armoury will do the processing for you, the merits of the square format and, most of all the value in dodging and burning to draw the viewers eye round the picture.

Another great evening for us. You can view her work HERE and don’t just look at the pictures, she has, hidden away, a lovely piece on giving lectures which should be compulsory reading for all club officials, it is HERE. You can find out more about the SRGB Group HERE.

Notes for members: The Great British Cup entry has now been made and also the prints for next week’s competition have been delivered to the judge.