sunset_way_350We were really looking forward to a return visit by Gary after his excellent talk last year about using layers in Photoshop. This time it was about his landscape photography and to say that it did not disappoint would be something of an understatement! His AV presentation was one of the most impressive I have ever seen and the mastery of technology which was behind its production was also a feature of his photography where HDR, Multiple-exposure night shots and so on were heavily featured.

Gary has been a regular winner of awards in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and it is no surprise.  It is not just the technology which characterises his work; he has the patience, determination and vision required of a  landscape photographer but is also fascinated by the time element which can be put to work in photography, something which is explored by people like Michael Kenna. Gary turns it up to 11.

A great evening. Gary is working on a new presentation which he gave us a taste of – we look forward to seeing it in 2018!

You can enjoy his work by visiting his website