Brian was back for the second time. He impressed us last year with his confident reading of our pictures and good technical criticism centred round guiding the viewers perception of the image.

The winners were a sure-fire set having in common something to communicate and  excellent taking and processing skills to bring that out. I felt the monochrome were looking especially good on our projector, now set up to perfection. Projectors will always be inclined to be brighter than your monitor at home and reveal blown highlights (pure white areas) and any strange goings on in the shadows (!) but if you are aware of this it can be avoided. In quite a few cases just a little dodging and burning might have put things right and I think this is something we can look at in our workshop session on 24 November.

Brian was very complimentary of the quality of our work and he is absolutely right, we presented him with a difficult task but he was more than equal to it.

The three section winners are shown above (see Gallery for larger versions). They all have high emotional content. Kim is such a joyous picture and a fresh pose, looking great in mono, Love in the Mud is also beautifully composed (incidentally following the “painter’s armature” perfectly) and how effective the man’s expression is, despite being a very small part of the picture – and how the girl sliding down the bank points straight to him! Finally Ian’s African wildlife dominated the Nature section – great capture but also of excellent quality – such attention to detail.