Hats off to PAGB Great British Cup Nature Photographer of the Year, Ian Whiston!

We knew Ian’s 15, 13, 13 score in the Nature section of the Great British Cup would give him a good chance of the top award but we had to wait until this morning to be told that it was his.

Congratulations to Ian. Yellow-Billed Oxpecker has won him several medals and many acceptances but Lion Cub and Bee Eaters are new images. As I am writing this I’ve been asked by Wigan 10 to pass on their congratulations to Ian.

We now have all the Great British Cup Results.In NATURE we came 17th out of a field of 88, just behind top-club Chorley and just ahead of Hoylake. Dorchester and Wigan 10 tied for first place But it is all due to the fantastic success of Ian Whiston’s 3 images. He gained a 15 for Yellow-Billed Oxpickers and 13 each for Euroean Bee-Eaters and Lion Cub at Play.

In the OPEN we came 48th out of 106. We tied with LEEK!

To see the marks for all the clubs on the L&CPU Website

In the OPEN we had 5 12s – Sky Rider and In Her Shadow by Dolores, Minimal Defence by Darren, Blasting Through Balaugh and Eating the Dirt by Ken D.

Our individual image results are posted here.