06-Gentleman-Jim---Howard-Edwards-ARPSsm 17-Stephanie---Howard-Edwards-ARPSsm

Howard Edwards ARPS, who died on 29th July, was one of the grandees of Crewe PS. This true gentleman was our portraiture guru, renowned for the quality of his work, which always did superbly well in our competitions. A meticulous technician, he was always happy to pass on his knowledge and skills but you had to ask, he was never presumptuous. Technician, yes, but his work had a warmth which belied that. It came from his personal charm. He would choose people as his models and then use that charm to persuade them to sit for him and get the “look” that he wanted.

Above he is seen in the shadow of his lights photographing our treasurer on the last portrait night he led for us. I am pleased to be able to add two of his prints. The one on the left above is his “Gentleman Jim”, a portrait of Jim Harrison, our centenarian member whose name is on our PDI Annual Cup. I think Howard was the one who first called Jim “Gentleman Jim” and you only have to look to see why!

Thank you to those members who have sent in memories of Howard. I shall compile these at the start of the new season, so please email if you want to add to them.