We all know that in our midst we have an extremely successful club photographer; Ian Whiston.

He has now gained his EFIAP, which needs 250 acceptances in competitions in 20 different countries and 30 salons using 50 different images. This is a career-long achievement for many but Ian has achieved it in just a few years, so successful are his nature pictures. Not that Ian is new to club photography, he has been a member of MCCC for many years but only in the last few years has he taken to entering national and international competitions and joining Crewe PS.

His rapid rise through the awards schemes is illustrated by the image above which we last used only three years ago. Gone is the CPAGB, superseded by the DPAGB, gone is the BPE 2 crown award, replaced by a 5 crown (March 2016) and between 2013 and the present he gained the AFIAP and now EFIAP.

Ian has also been a judge for many years but is now on the PAGB list which means that he is not only called on to judge regionally but nationally and internationally

Part of Ian’s success is the meticulous way he prepares his images, but while this helps any image it will not produce international winners by itself, you need arresting, exciting, breath-taking image capture too and also  to make the effort to get yourself out there and in place to take the photographs. The latter Ian achieves partly by going on safari and he is just about to take his fourteenth! Ian-on-Safari

But “being there” is only part of the equation. All nature photographers know that field craft is essential to capture the really great picture – to understand the behaviour of your quarry. Ian is a pastmaster at this now, he seems to know every lion and cheetah in his part of Africa personally and far from benefitting from the set-ups where the photographers are virtually buying the pictures Ian is well-respected nationwide as a safari guide and expert.

So, hearty congratulations to Ian on this great achievement but I think we at Crewe should also be very grateful for having Ian as a member – not just because of his successes but because he is always prepared to pass on his knowledge and experience to the rest of us, and not all high flyers are willing to do that.