Ian (L)  receiving his PAGB Selector's medal from L&CPU President, John Smith.

Ian (L) receiving his PAGB Selector’s medal from L&CPU President, John Smith.

And what does L&CPU PDI KO mean? Well, it’s just an annual competition run by the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union for any member clubs who wish to compete. Usually about 30 do. This year the event was not well publicised so we were astonished to get to the event (in Chorley) to find 44 clubs had entered!

The competition is for projected pictures ((P)rojected (D)igital (I)mages) and each club has to submit 8 photos in advance. Such was the entry that only the first 4 images from each club were used (still a field of 176!) and the judge, John Cartlidge, had quite a task ahead. Forever cheerful though John started munching through them – it feels like that as all the images are shown first and then the judge discounts so many in each “round”. The quality was really very high, evidenced by the small number that John eliminated in the first round, 28.

It was great to catch up with our friends from other clubs who are regular attenders at these events and a highlight for our club was Ian Whiston receiving the selectors medal he won when one of his pictures was selected for the PAGB (National) competition.

How did we do? It has to be said that the fewer images used per club the more variable the results and we were surprised that the event was won by Blackburn, a club which has not featured highly in the L&CPU competitions before but all credit to them – in fact it was a pleasant change to see a “new” name on the leaderboard. We are used to Wigan 10, North Cheshire, Chorley etc walking away with the prizes.

We came 17th with 10 “marks”. Our score in details was: A clear round one and then; Skipper at sunset (Paul Hill) R2, Lions mating (Ian Whiston) R2, In the thick of it (Kath Hill) R3 and Frozen flash (Bob Brown) R3. The full results will be uploaded as soon as we get them from the L&CPU.