You can now view nearly 400 photographs from the L&CPU Archives via the website. If you are interested in photography as Art you will appreciate that line, form and composition have not changed since Art gained free expression and there is a great deal to admire in these images from yesteryear.

With the question “Is Photography Art?” long-since settled now (for most people anyway) there is an interesting debate still about whether club judges are sometimes giving too much weight to technical issues and ignoring (or not fully appreciating) the artistic qualities of a photograph. This harks back to the days when it was a bit of a triumph to produce a quality print – especially in colour.

If you are interested in this issue you may want to read an article by one of our judges Dr Brian Law, which is on the L&CPU website and also our own webmaster’s comments on the article.

Other than that you will find the L&CPU website a good source of information on EVENTS as well as COMPETITIONS and NEWS.