This week we have the first PDI Competition of the season – very good response with 31 entrants and some very promising work from people entering their first competition. Please read my earlier post about what to expect.

The following week we host the ROBERTSHAW TROPHY and we will be welcoming visitors from Blythe Bridge, Holmes Chapel, Leek and Macclesfield. They have already sent their entries in for processing and I can tell you that there are some really great images among them – so you are in for a treat; especially because we also have one of our favourite judges Tillman Kleinhans presiding.

It will also be hand-in time for the first print competition. Firstly I might point out that we have a small slip in the rules. Last year we said that (in line with L&CPU rules as usual) we would ONLY accept 40x50cm (except from newcomers). That has not been carried over into the new rules. This is only an oversight but it does mean that we will have to accept smaller prints HOWEVER do remember that SUCH PRINTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE FOR L&CPU ENTRY.

NEWCOMERS please be clear – 40x50cm is the biggest MOUNT SIZE. A small print can look good mounted this size. However, to help you get started we will accept any size mount UP TO 40x50cm.

You can buy ready cut mounts from Cotswold Mounts (see links) and Bailey Arts on the Dagfields Craft Centre. Alexander’s, also at Dagfields are very good for mount board – I buy mine there. Remember that light coloured mounts are regarded as THE ones to go for – Off White, light creams, that sort of thing. Jet black is a no,no and the habit of choosing a colour to “bring out” the colours in the print is hardly done these days. Having said all that prints are harder to get into and maybe the new members will wait a while and get a bit more help before entering – but never let it be said that we didn’t encourage you.

The L&CPU Competitions change next year and the CLUB COMPETITION will be in MARCH. The club will have to select entries and there will only be CLUB Awards. The competition in MAY will become an INDIVIDUAL ONE and we will just enter whatever you ask us to.