Well Sheila certainly showed us what  AVs are; superb sequences illustrated her jog round the globe.

You don’t realise how cold it can get in the tropics and how very moist the atmosphere can be; so take extra layers for night shoots and waterproof bags and silica gel are needed to dry out equipment.

Other nasties like mosquitoes (as vectors of malaria they threaten half the world’s population) and waterborne parasites the intrepid wildlife photographer in the tropics has to be prepared for.

This great evening finished with two very touching sequences; firstly Sheila’s own story of how as a girl she developed a love of natural history through David Attenborough’s Zoo Quests (she was destined to follow in his footsteps and risk life and limb in encounters with the Komodo Dragon)s and the wonderful, heart-warming story of the remarkable Haywoods who run a home (Happy House) for 57 African Children.

Before all this wonderful stuff  I had the pleasure of giving Wallace Baxter his L&CPU Annual Comp Commendation.

Other items were:-

  •  I told you all about an Extraordinary General Meeting we will have in three weeks time to decide about the subs for juniors
  •  the fact that we have about 90 images for the first PDI (please get the last ones in by tomorrow) 
  • reminder that your subs are NOT payment for the tea – they cover running costs, which have increased greatly – please please make sure you pay.