A warm welcome to the new members and a big thank-you for entering our first competition – which many of you have.

At Crewe we do not divide the field up into Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners etc, so everything is judged together. This first competition is also to be judged on the night , which means that the judge will not have had the pictures to look at in advance and we have no way of “tipping him off” about the newcomers work.

So, you are really going in at the deep end.

Just remember that, firstly, we are all on your side – we know what it is like to put your first images in (and you haven’t even seen what the opposition is like) and even the most talented member will make “mistakes” the first time.

Secondly I happen to think that all the new work shows great promise and we look forward to helping you do even better.

We all have an emotional link to our work which others don’t always see or appreciate. When you enter it into a competition you are inviting another (hopefully informed) opinion and they may not see the image as you do. 

Last year two of my pictures scored 11/20!