SlideLast Sunday, to celebrate a granddaughter’s 3rd birthday, we had a family reunion visit to a butterfly farm in St Albans. I took macro shots of the insects with one camera (Canon) and the family portraits with another (Panasonic). They were all raw format shots but thanks to Lightroom I could process them all together from the same folder, adjust them in batches in the same way, select them for sending by email or Dropbox and ear-mark a few (very few) as possible exhibition pictures. In 12 months time I will be able to instantly recall the pictures of the children by typing in their names, or recall all my exhibition pictures at a keystroke. I also know that I applied the best noise reduction system available to some of those images and a very powerful tone control, all done very swiftly- everyone had a little selection of 7x5s the next day.

Last night Professor Terry Hewitt ably demonstrated all these features and I hope convinced you to give Lightroom a try!

This week I have been getting excited about the Michael Kenna exhibition at Runcorn! This morning another one! Perhaps not so prestigious but one I’m sure you will want to see. It’s a Town Called Altrincham – an arts festival curated by Carole Evans, it features the work of two or three photographers and a number of multi-media artists. Take a look at , you will want to go!

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