It is all a bit confusing; the Liverpool Biennale is not until 2016, but the annual LOOK photography programme is taking place. Called LOOK 2015 it says that it finishes on 31 May, which adds to the confusion – some exhibitions are on until September.

Do have a look at the website to make you own choice, some did indeed finish in May but don’t give up, there is still lots to see.

Here are one or two you might be interested in…

At the time of writing the Tony Ray-Jones exhibition is still on at the Walker but it finishes this weekend.

The Open Eye Gallery at Mann Island is always a calling point for me and it will be interesting to see if their newly appointed Director manages to improve on the already eclectic and sometimes challenging programme. At present the exhibition I think will interest all of you as it features the work of 6 different photographers. They also have an excellent range of books for sale, including the Café Royal photobooks.

Across at the Bluecoat Gallery they have four photo exhibitions. The most accessible work is that of Tricia Potter, which is shots of hers taken between 1972 and 1974 – my, how we’ve changed – many of them are very good indeed, a book is available for only £4, dirt cheap for a photobook. You will also be interested to see the massive prints made by Tabeka Jussa. The other work there is more political but shows how photography can be used in that context.

Then we have On Their Own at the Maritime Museum until 4 October. Pictures of Britain’s Child Migrants.

Finally, two I didn’t get to see but would recommend nonetheless are From Street to StudioChambre Hardman’s work at the Chambre Harman’s house in Rodney Street. (National Trust) – on until the end of October and Helen Sear’s exhibition at the Victoria Gallery and Museum in Ashton Street, L69 3DR. Helen’s work is called I Love You Daucus carota. Daucus carota is the scientific name of the carrot and here Helen is picturing not the red thing we eat but the beautiful flowers – but just look how she pictures them! Helen is quite a star because she is responsible for the Welsh installation at the Biennale in Venice – a fabulous presentation which you can read about here.