I don’t buy as many photographic magazines as I used to. A look at the shelves in the newsagents would indicate that I am not alone in this. Worst hit seem to be the “you do it like this” Photoshop magazines. Why?

The Photoshop instruction type of magazine must have played out, all they can do now is repeat themselves. The readership which grew with them doesn’t want that and beginners can now buy book-style magazines which give basic instruction anyway. I am sure beginners will prefer the now superbly capable Lightroom and the like, progressing to Photoshop if they are interested in compositing.

One magazine which is really making an effort to buck the trend down is Amateur Photographer; with a recent makeover which concentrates on photographers rather than photography, surely a good move. I’m told the RPS magazine is greatly improved too. Personally, I now only regularly buy Black & White Photography magazine and Adore Noir (an e-magazine) because they too focus on the work of individuals. The free Photography News (allied to Advanced Photographer) nicely fills a niche, being the only national magazine which gives club news.

It is the photographers and their work which provides the interest and inspiration, the whole point in fact, of photography and practical advice is most effectively kept to videos, books, and, of course, the web,  which we can refer to as needed.

What do you think? I’ve started a Forum thread about this for members, everyone else can email us at info@crewephotosoc.com