The club is very pleased to have received a donation from member Ken Last.

Ken has made donations in the past and it is thanks largely to him that we boast such excellent digital projection equipment.

The committee will be canvassing members when the new season starts about how the money can best be used to benefit all club members, but thank-you Ken very much indeed for the generous gift.

It will NOT be used to cover running expenses, I’m sure all members appreciate that the club, any club, needs adequate income from membership subscriptions for that. We need to keep membership numbers up and it is recruitment we have in mind in preparing some things for the start of the new season, details soon.

Other matters – We have had a note from the L&CPU that the Individuals’ Competition and the Club Annual will have dates reversed in 2015 compared to 2014. This begs the question as to which competition they will be using to select entries for the PAGB competitions and the folios/exhibition. I am querying this at the moment. It will clearly affect interest in the Individuals’ competition if people think they may lose their print submissions for up to 18 months!

We have now added  all the judges to the Programme and also the main L&CPU competitions etc too. These also appear on the Events page.